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Hello everybody,


Inspecting my analytics, I noticed  many non-Dutch speaking visitors of this website. That's why I ddecided to add an English version to it. The translations were done by myself, so please contact me if you note some mistakes.


 Not every topic of my Dutch site could be translated: as there are articles for of from Dutch magazines (artikels, ten huize van,..) and I also discuss some topics that are not relevant for other countries (mesure of rings and exposition cages; even my quizz is in Dutch) If however you think this is interesting information for you, I'm willing to translate these topics also.


Links to other sites are placed on the Dutch site. First part is linked to parakeetsites, the second part covers links to non-parakeetsites.

If you want to see your banner there, please contact me.


So I apoligize for some of these inconveniences. Enjoy the pics and some other material.

If you have some questions please do not hesitate contacting me, I'll try to answer them.



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