Belgian Shepherd Laekenois: 

       "From Laeken Paradis"                       


From Laeken Paradis: 

The combination of 

working and show



the dogs

                                Laekenois kennel

                   " From laeken Paradis" 





                                               From Laeken Paradis Hlifhaski


This site holds information about our dogs: The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois.

Our vision is that this kind of dog is a real working dog.

Because of that, we do a lot of different activities with them.


When we're breeding with our dogs, we have a lot of attention for the health, the social behavior and the workability of our dogs. Because of that, we're only breeding with parent dogs of who we are convinced they will have excellent pups together.


With the little ones, we're doing a lot of preparation to become social and friendly dogs. Because of this, a lot of visitors come by to learn the pups different touches of people and different smells. We're also visiting the market, the dog school, the children park. To know good "dog manners" they are living together with our adult dogs. 



Our Dogs 

(more information can be found by clicking on the brown names)



PE, SR, LongFields Azzano Arkan

PE Multi CH Trouble-ofinka                             

CH LUX  Osage

From Laeken Paradis Lyon


Multi CH From Laeken Paradis Hlifhaski  

Daphnee du Cami de Catheric

CH LUX From Laeken Paradis Kalé



Our Laekenois behind the rainbow... (the black colored names)


Cabrul van de duvetorre           

From Laeken Paradis Kekao                                  


Lux Jeugd, Belg. CH Lyra var letsager   





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