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Welcome to my website. You're looking at JdR Productions, my own little video production project if you will. What's that supposed to mean? Simple. I make my own videos, all kinds of videos, with my Panasonic consumer camera, then I upload them and you can watch them, judge them, trash them if you want to...





Personal background


 My video production -and professional experiences.


My name is Jeroen De Rore. I am 21 years old. I have the Belgian nationality and live in the province of Limburg in Belgium. I have not always lived in Belgium however. The first 5 years of my life I lived in Germany (from 1986 till 1991) with my family. In 1991 we moved back to Belgium and lived there for 12 years. In 2003 we moved overseas to the United States where we lived for 4 years. We moved back last August (2007).


I've always enjoyed entertaining people. However, I do not feel the need to always be the center of attention in order to do so. This is where video production comes in handy. I got my first (non digital) video camera when I was 11, as a present for my communion. I made all sorts of videos with it. From filming me and my brother playing soccer to creating James Bond-like scenes to funny sketches...



I started becoming more serious about video production in the USA. I majored in TV and Radio Production in Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. I had some VERY inspirational teachers and got an amazing experience out of everything at Montgomery College. We had our own TV Production Studio, our own Radio Station, we got to make our own informative TV show (of which I was co-producer) that aired on the College's TV station... So you see, nothing but great learning experiences.


And it didn't end there. As I was doing pretty well in college I managed to find a job at a big Bio-pharmaceutical company that was looking for video producers to make videos, mainly training videos. This was an all-round amazing experience once again. Not only did I get to make videos for company meetings attended by 800 people, training videos meant for many employees and so on... I also got to create online training modules with e-learning software, format documents like SOP's, training manuals etc... And most importantly I learned how to professionally communicate with employees from my company and other companies.


About a year ago I bought my first digital video camera (a panasonic consumer camera) and I've been making videos whenever I have time and inspiration to do so. It's especially time that I'm lacking as I restarted college in Belgium (I'm majoring in Commercial Communication). I'm still in the process of editing a few videos that I hope to be able to put online soon. The most significant of these amateur video productions is probably the video I made for and about a small festival called Kernrock in Antwerp, Belgium. You can watch that one if you go to the More JdR videos -page.


Thank you for reading and I hope you'll enjoy my videos.


Jeroen De Rore

-JdR productions-



I would also like to urge you all to go visit www.eradiowmcr.com

which is the college radiostation I used to be on as a jock. The station's format is Hot Adult Contemporary. eRadio WMCR features some of the most promising radio jocks. They are streaming live every day from Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland.