Hi! I'm Madelon and I'm a passionated costume maker from the Netherlands since 2004.


After I visited the Elf Fantasy Fair 2004 in a Jedi costume from Star Wars, I knew that this was the thing I always wanted to do. After seeing more movies from the "designer" perspective I started to getting more interested in making unique costumes. Meanwhile I've also expanded my collection with costumes from other genres.


My mother plays a big part in realizing the costumes, because most of the time we only have pictures of the costumes and have to drawn the pattern by ourselves. When we start to make a new costume we always try to challenge ourselves.

So in 2007 I started to work with latex to make masks. Two of those masks are shown at the picture on the side.


At this website you'll find some information about the characters that we're portraying and pictures of our costumes.

I will also post updates from new costumes and other changes on the 'news/costume updates' page.


Hope you like it, and I'm always open for critics.

You can contact me here or leave a message in the guestbook!















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